Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13 Oct. 2009- UGH!

Rough week. Peiling is going home. I can't say that I'm sad but I do wish things had turned out for the better.

Josie had the birthmark on her leg removed, eww. I must say that when I took her in for the procedure she asked me if I would take pictures and some video on her camera so she could show her friends (Double EWW, Teen-agers). I am quite surprised that I managed to joke, snap photos, and not lose my lunch. The crazy thing is that I thought I had prepared adequately by watching Discovery Health, House Md. and various other "educational" programs that depict some graphic medical content. Firstly my "Satellite television medical course" failed to mention was that surgery makes a noise, a pants splitting kind of noise, when Dr House does this on TV all you see is the scalpel make a pristine line and little pearls of blood bead up, not so! My initial reaction when Dr. Fields made the first cut was to run down the hall screaming hysterically. Secondly blood smells! It's like a mix of copper and salt, and I could hear it dripping. At this point I sat down and turned the cinematography over to Josie and focused on stifling my screams, but as MOM, I knew that I had to stay calm and supportive for my baby girl, Yea me! It may not always be aestically beautiful, but I love my life!