Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 January- 11 January 2010

Another year older and wiser too! 36 years old! Wow I remember when 18 seemed so far away.

My bestie Jess, her amazing hubby Andy and their three cuties pies dropped of a delicious "Tuxedo" cake at my house last night complete with singing! What a sweet surprise! Literally. I am always touched by the kindness of the people who surround me.

I came home from church Sunday night on my birthday and Dannielle and Ashley had made me an awesome birthday dinner complete with my favorite German Chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing, which was delish!

Two cakes and counting.

Tuesday night I went to a church meeting and sweet Hollie brought me....yep you guessed it, chocolate cake! 4 days, 3 cakes = 1 happy/ sick me.

But it didn't stop there! Some friends from church threw a birthday party luncheon! More yummy food and of course cake!

How wonderful it is to feel so important, so loved, so special. Beautiful friends = a more beautiful life.