Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 August 2010

A Perfect Cure...

How many of us have felt the sting and pain of our own sins dragging us down, creating such sorrow and turmoil in our lives that we feel that there is no amount or degree of repentance that will take away the stains we have painted on our souls? I was listening to a song this morning as I was getting ready for church from a cd called "Women at the Well" the song in particular was about the woman with the issue of her soul she knew that if she could just get close enough to the Savior, that her if fingers could just graze the tattered fragments at the bottom of His robe that the healing and more importantly the purity that she longed for would be restored and that got me to thinking...

Although I have never experienced any "issues" compared to that of this faithful sister, I can say that I have been at a place in my life more than a few times where I had come to a realization of the multitude of transgressions that plagued my life and the sorrow and torment that I felt was paralyzing and at that moment I would have crossed the universe to be cured. It made me long to be in that time when Jesus walked the earth so that I could get close enough to feel His virtue fill my being, ease my sorrow and replace my hope for a life I had forgotten existed.

I found myself thinking surely we can still seek and gain that same healing that the faithful sister in the scriptures fought for so long ago. But where? Well that thought plagued me and as I was in Sacrament I started praying and asking Heavenly Father to show me what I needed to do where I needed to go, to be made whole again. As I listened to the Sacrament prayers, a gentle warmth crept over me and in my mind I heard "You're already here."

Isn't it funny how we can be in the right place, doing the right things but until we lift our heads up and really look around we can miss so many vital lessons? I was green with envy of the woman who was blessed to touch the Masters clothes and had her virtue returned so rapidly that I was ready to build a time machine so that I could go back in time and do the same thing And here I am in the chapel, sitting a few feet from the table where the sacrament is blessed and it hit me I am "here", I have no need of scientific machinery, when I come to church, I am just as she in the scriptures "Close enough to touch" all I have to do is reach out and wholly desire the redemption that Christ's atoning sacrifice freely offers to any who desire it. A perfect cure, a necessary ingredient to make a beautiful life.

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